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We offer the blessing of Harsiddhi Devi through various forms of worship and spiritual penance
Puja Services

Host you next birthday, wedding anniversay, childhood sanskars, yearly puja, or sponsor a weekly puja. 


The Temple also does weekly Shiva Linga Abhishekam (ritual bath) and or other Gods on special occassions. 


We celebrate the yealry famous holidays of Shivaratri, Ram Navmi, Krishna Janamashtmi, Hanuman Jayanti, Spring and Fall Navaratri, Guru Purnima, and etc. 


Spiritual Penance

Due to the countless karmas we have created from past births, and the present, our karmic load becomes unbearable from time to time, creating financial distress, family disharmony, diseases, and serious life threatening illnesses. To clear your karmic load and get need relief we offer thorough astrological readings and customize your navagraha mantra recitation guidlines, and perform needed pujas and homas to clear your path to peace, posperity, and good health. Of course, spiritual penance must be repeated to maintain such harmony in your life.

Education on Hinduism

In this modern day society which is so diverse ethnically and religiously, it can be difficulty to maintain a clear and sound Hindu identity. We offer some private and group sessions to learn about our ancient heratige, We higly reccommend the himalayan academy and hinduism today websites to learn more about the great Hindu experience.

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